Studio Policies 

  1. 1.  Please call to make an appointment. Late arrivals or walk-ins will be accommodated if time allows.


  1. 2.   To reserve a Saturday session, 50% of the package fee is due at the time of booking (Non-refundable).                    Your session will only be reserved once this deposit has been received.


  1. 3.      Package must be paid for in full at the time of the session.  


  1. 4.      50% of the payment on extra images/prints is due at the time of ordering.


  1. 5.      Packages do not include digital images unless clearly specified. These can be purchased a la carte.


  1. 6.      Customer assumes any shipping cost.


  1. 7.      Prices and policies are subject to change without notice. The rate at which you book at is guaranteed for 30 days from when your images are made available online. Orders placed after 30 days will be subject to the rate increase.


  1. 8.      Images taken will remain on the website for 90 days for  viewing, ordering and sharing.  If no attempt has  been  made to place an order, your images will be deleted 30 days after they are made available online.   If you have contacted the studio to arrange to order after 30 days, your images will be archived for one  year and you may be subject to a retrieval fee upon ordering. Clients placing an order will have their  images archived for two years unless otherwise noted.


  1. 9.      Studio Studio is not responsible for orders not collected after 60 days of completion. Photos may be       destroyed. Full cost of order must be paid for reprocessing.


  1. 10.    Orders NOT placed within 30 days are not subject to the regular delivery timeframe.


  1. 11.    Studio Studio is NOT responsible for client errors. Please ensure that you have double checked your order before submitting, including text and image numbers. Due to the personal nature of the services there are no refunds or exchanges.


  1. 12.  Although care will be taken, Studio Studio assumes no liability for loss or damage of originals.


All originals and images are copyright and remain the sole property of Studio Studio. We reserve the right to use any picture, in any form. Copying photographic images is illegal (whether purchased or not) and all offenders will be prosecuted accordingly

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